Polarity Checking & Short Circuit Testing Machine For Automotive Battery

We specialize in manufacturing Testing Machine For Automotive Battery and Fully-Automatic Assembly Line For Automotive Battery for many years in Taiwan.

Before through-the-partition intercell welding process, the battery has to be tested by this tester for the conditions as the separators have some defects caused by lead scraps dropped into the cell during burning process, or the polar position of elements group in each cell are not correct while stacking or burning process.
Sequence of Operation
The battery will be delivered to this tester by conveyor after the elements groups have been put into the container. The battery will be automatically located at the testing area by stopper then the testing probe goes down to touch the bushings and intercells in battery for testing; when testing time is up, the probe raises automatically .The Polarity Checking & Short Circuit Testing machine will alarm in the same time if short circuit or any elements group in cell is found out in reverse polar condition; after that, the poor battery was pass to the end of conveyor and then reject. Upon completion of both testing, the battery is pass to the output conveyor for next process.

  • It is suitable to test all types of automotive battery.
  • It is easy to change the desired battery type.
  • It is to adjust the testing voltage (Max. 2000V).
  • It is equipped with the system of auto-stop of no feeding and auto-start of refeeding.
  • Plate group is required merely with moist cells.

Utilities Requirement
  • Electricity: 1 or 3 Phase, voltage and frequency to suit customer's specifications
  • Compress Air Consumption: 41 NL/min. at 6 kg/cm²
  • Dimension and Weight
  • Approx. 2600(L) x 1500(W) x 1900(H) mm
  • Approx. 900 kgs
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