Semi-Automatic Assembly Line For Motorcycle Battery
Short Circuit Testing Machine


Short Circuit Testing Machine

After finished the through the partition intercell welding, the battery will pass through this testing machine to check the following undesirable conditions:
* The lead was sprayed during the welding
* The lead scraps were dropped into the element group during the assembling.
* The separators are cracked or holed.
Sequence of Operation
After the battery is completed the process of welding, the battery is delivered to this tester by conveyor and pass into the testing area, it is automatically located and stopped in the place. The test head will automatically lower to touch and electrify the bushings and intercells of battery for test, and then the test head will be raised automatically. If the above undesirable conditions are happened, this poor battery was pass to the end of machine and be rejected automatically. Upon completion of the short circuit test, the completed battery will be passed to the output conveyor.
  • It is suitable to test all types of automotive battery.
  • It is easy to change the desired battery type.
  • Production capacity: 300~360pcs/hour.
  • It is to adjust the testing voltage. (Max.:2000V)
  • Utilities Requirement
  • Electricity: 1 or 3 phase, voltage and frequency to suit customer’s specifications.
  • Compressed air consumption: 46.8 NL/min. at 6 kg/cm²

  • Dimension and Weight
  • Approx. 2200(L)*1500(W)*1900(H) mm
  • Approx. 800kgs
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