Polarity Checking & Short Circuit Testing Machine For Motorcycle Battery

Our company specializes in manufacturing professional Short Circuit Testing Machine For Motorcycle Battery and Lead Acid Battery Assemble Machine.

Before through-the-partition intercell welding process, the battery will pass through this tester to check the condition if the polar position of elements group of each cell is correct or not during stacking/burning process.
Sequence of Operation
After the elements groups are put into the container, the battery is delivered to this tester by conveyor.
When the battery enters into the testing area, it's automatically located and stopped in the place. The probe goes down to touch intercells of battery for testing; when testing time is up, the probe is raised automatically. If cell of elements group was found wrong, the Polarity Checking & Short Circuit Testing Machine will be alarm, then the battery be will pass to the end of machine and be rejected automatically. User may connect the extra conveyor for returning the reject battery to change the wrong cell. Upon completion of both testing, the battery is pass to the output conveyor for next process.
  • It is suitable to test all types of motorcycle battery.
  • It is easy to change the test probe (mold) of this Polarity Checking & Short Circuit Testing Machine.
  • It is equipped with the system of auto-stop of no feeding and auto-start of re-feeding
  • Plate group is required merely with moist cells.
  • It is to adjust the testing voltage. (Max. 2000V)
  • Utilities Requirement
  • Electricity: 1KW, 1 or 3 Phase, voltage and frequency to suit customer's specifications
  • Compress Air Consumption: 10.4 NL/min. at 6 kg/cm²
  • Dimension and Weight
  • Approx. 2125(L) x 1060(W) x 1956(H) mm
  • Approx. 600 KGS
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