Fully-Automatic Assembly Line For Automotive Battery
Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery


Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine For Automotive Battery

After the battery is proceeded to case and lid heat-sealed and air-leak tested, this Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine provides fully automatic heat sealing of the aluminum foil on the vent of automotive battery so that the element groups will not be oxidized before pour the acid liquid into the battery.
Sequence of Operation
After air-leak test finished, the battery is conveyed to this Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine; then the machine will deliver the battery to the gate and enter into work area, and start to seal aluminum foil; after the sealing process is finished, the battery and the aluminum foil roll will move forward, meanwhile the next battery is delivered to work area and proceeding then the precious battery also starts to cut off aluminum foil; one cycle is done.
  • This Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine is suitable for all types of automotive battery. (Recommendable) Aluminum Foil Width:
    JIS type (12N24-NS60) --- 35mm
    (N70-N200) --- 50mm
    DIN type --- 65mm
  • Cycle : 15-20 sec.
  • Temperature range: 150~200
  • The tooling surface adds heat-resistant rubber cushion, which can reduce the reject rate of rough vent hole.
  • The preheating time : 10-15 Min.
Utilities Requirement
  • Electricity : 6KW, 1 or 3 phase, voltage and frequency to suit the customers specification.
  • Air compress consumption : 39.6 nl/min at 5 kg/cm²
Dimension and Weight
  • Dimension : 2200(L)x1250(W)x1900(H)mm
  • Weight (Approx.): 1300 KGS
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