Fully-Automatic Assembly Line For Motorcycle Battery

Easy Operation l Safety l High Capacity

Automatic Assembly Line For Motorcycle Battery With Servo Control System

Servo Control system features Low energy consumption 、Full efficiency、Torque control、Ultra-quiet、Ultra-low vibration、Low heat generation、Switching open and closed loops during operation、Low speed and High torque。

It is corresponding to Industry 4.0, which can easily increase product value, precision, and green energy.
Sequence of Operation
The Servo-control Assembly line includes Polarity checking, Short Circuit Testing, Intercell welding, Weld condition checking, Heat Sealing, Air Leak Testing, Code Marking, and Aluminum foil sealing.

1. Equipped H.M.I system
2. Japanese Miyachi control system for constant current
3. Equipped Servo motor to position for improving the time by manual alignment, and accuracy for changing operation of different battery type.
4. It is applied for all types of motorcycle batteries, 12V
5. Cycle time approx. 360 batteries per hour for 12V battery
6. Equipped system for auto-stop of no-feeding as well as auto-start of re-feeding