Fully-Automatic Assembly Line For Motorcycle Battery
Manual Shear Tester


Manual Shear Tester

Shear Tester is for checking the thru-the-partition intercell welding condition for the battery.
Sequence of Operation
It is operated in pneumatic type and installed over the conveyor next to the welder. User can hang it by spring balancer.
  • The operation and adjustment of shear force are easy, and can get the accurate check.
  • Utilities Requirement
  • Battery capacity: All type of motorcycle battery
  • Production Capacity: 3 Batteries/Min. for 12V / 5 Batteries/Min. for 6V
  • Adjustable force: Max. 470kgs
  • Compressed air consumption: 63 nl/min. at 6 kg/cm²
  • Weight: 8kgs
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