Fully-Automatic Assembly Line For Motorcycle Battery
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Automatic Electric Welding Machine For Motorcycle Battery

We provide high quality Battery Welding Machine and Automatic Electric Welding Machine Motorcycle Battery with reasonable price.

Full-automatic electric welder completes the through-the-partition intercell connection weld of motorcycle battery of single cover; After the welding station, this machine is equipped with the short circuit testing station at first step.
Sequence of Operation
After the battery pass the hole punch and elements insertion stations, this machine receives this battery from the customer's conveyor line onto the driven conveyor that delivers this battery into the gate. From this gate, the battery is conveyed to first
operating station and the welding heads (grips) are automatically lowered and raised into the welding position to process the
required number of welds. The battery is automatically relocated on weld sequences; after pass all welding process, battery is conveyed to the workstation of short circuit testing. If short circuit is found or (and) the welding condition is defective on process, the machine will alarm and detect the problem and keep the bad condition into memory and then stop the remaining process of the bad battery; but the next battery still go on for its own process. The bad battery is conveyed to the end of machine and rejected. After the completion of the welding sequence, the battery is conveyed along the line of travel to the customer's output conveyor.
  • It is equipped with the SCR system of high quality and capacity.
  • It is equipped with the micro-computer system of constant current, which can control the input of current accuracy by the current compensation when the voltage of power supply is not stable, so that can reduce the occurrence of bad welding.
  • It is equipped with the monitor, which will be alarmed and blink if the welding condition is no good.
  • It is easy to set the welding terms in the weld controller.
  • The moving height of the welding head is adjustable for saving the operating time and increasing the working efficiency.
  • It is equipped the cooling water system with safety system to reduce the damage of machine and increase the life of machine. If the cooling water is not enough, the machine will be stopped automatically.
  • The micro-computer is equipped with the memory backup system which can store the data for reusing in future.
  • It is suitable to weld the through-the partition inter-cell of all types of motorcycle battery.
  • Its pressure system equipped with a safety system. If the pressure is not enough, this machine will be stopped and alarmed automatically. It is equipped with short circuit testing system to check the condition of element group after welding; and the last station is equipped with short circuit testing system to check the condition of element groups after welding.
  • It is equipped with the system of auto-stop of no feeding and auto-start of re-feeding.
  • It is to adjust the testing voltage. (Max. 2000V)
Utilities Requirement
  • Electricity: 3x35KVA, voltage and frequency to suit customer's specifications.
  • Compressed air consumption: 62nl/min. at 6 kg/cm2
  • Hydraulic pump: 1Hp
Dimension and Weight
  • Approx. 3295(L) x 1200(W) x 1880(H) mm
  • Approx. 2100 KGS
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